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Not everyone fortunate to stay at SIX SENSES ZIGHY BAY will take time to leave the campus to go farming – but they should.  Girlahead was driven back over the 1,000-metre mountain, zigzag up and zigzag down. The driver was Armand, the resort’s French sustainability director.

He was leading a tour of the hotel’s farm, manned by five specialists who live onsite. There rows of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs, and stockyards with cows and the most adorable little calf. One yard had dozens of gorgeously clean goats, pruding milk that allows a basketball-high Fijian, Noah, to produce cheese to keep the resort happy, Clad in clinical whites, he’s lord of an impressive laboratory and was trained by an Australian.

And the hens!  See the image above. This is the incubator, next door is the pre-school, next door are the adults. The whole cabooche is air-conditioned and neither the resort nor its staff village need to buy any eggs.

The whole of Zighy Bay is so impressive. Now, it seems, the same Sharjah owners are doing a 2nd resort, Ras Amud, Discovery Land members-only, 31 rustic-chic villas, access water only, from Zighy Bay. BB, Bernhard Bohnenberger – until 2019 president Six Senses – is key name. As it happens the lead owner, construction giant and creative visionary Mahfouz Shuhaiber, was visiting Six Senses that day and he was quietly proud not only of his resort projects but of his nine-year grandson Karim, a Youtube star whose foodie tales have taken him into Piers Morgan.  Girlahead loves entrepreneurs….