Luxury Hotels


WHY OH WHY? That’s the theme of today’s marching song.

Why doesn’t fashion work more closely with the hotel sector? The image above, taken in London’s Sloane Street a few minutes’ walk from both THE CADOGAN, A BELMOND HOTEL and  THE CARLTON TOWER, A JUMEIRAH HOTEL, would surely make a most enticing hotel entrance. (The store’s also only six minutes from THE HARI, walk there past the hotel’s outdoor sunflower yellow ‘selfie’ bench and look through the lobby’s all-glass wall at constantly-changing notable art.)

Why oh why doesn’t the hotel industry align even more closely with art and collecting? It had to take entrepreneurial philanthropists Steve and Laura Lee Brown in Louisville KY of all places to drum up the brand 21century Museum.  Perhaps their names are zealously protected by money-grabbing beneficiaries but wouldn’t it be great to have Hockney above a property’s front door? There are actually Picasso hotels in Barcelona, Boston and Malaga – plus a REMBRANDT HOTEL in Amsterdam, another (by Red Carnation) in London, and, in Manila, a REMBRANDT HOTEL QUEZON CITY.

There is, by the way, something to note, now. Swiss garden artist Enzo Enea – he of THE PENINSULA ISTANBUL and the forthcoming THE PENINSULA LONDON, is presenting at Art Basel this Saturday, 17th June, at 10 am  What is he showing?  His collaboration with the amazing future MASSERIA MAVIGLIA in Puglia. Watch this man, and this place, NOW.