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The world’s top luxury resort hosts a Panama barbeque pop-up

Nihi Sumba may be remote, but it has everything from polo to amazing food

Nihi Sumba, which Chris Burch, founder of Burch Creative Capital, has created with the help of James McBride, shot to the top of the luxury stakes more or less immediately. Two years young, the resort has been Travel+Leisure’s top-spot worldwide for two consecutive years.  Nihi Sumba is on Sumba Island, off Bali (the island is two and a half times the size of Bali) and of course it offers everything you can think of, plus continual surprises. Throughout October 2017, for instance, Panama’s top chef Andrès Morataya will be hosting a pop-up barbeque. Chris Burch asked Morataya to cater a party at his summer home in The Hamptons, and it was such a success that the chef was persuaded to come to Sumba (its remoteness is no challenge, he builds his own cooking utensils and, back home in Panama, his restaurant Panga is 60 miles from the nearest supermarket).