Luxury Hotels


The butlers looking after #1112 at ROSEWOOD BAHA MAR in Nassau are really extraordinary – above,  Laurentino and Stephen, are there to welcome back after a trip downtown in a hotel Tesla.  They work in teams of three, day-time 7am to 11pm, with shared night-time coverage. All messaging is done by WhatsApp, so much better than telephoning. In years back luxury hotels had telephones strategically placed everywhere, including toilet stall and both sides of beds. Now telephones are reduced to one, for emergencies. Using them is a jolly nuisance as often it is impossible to reach the ‘phone before the caller rings off. Wonderful WA is the answer.

At all three Baha Mar resorts room keys are replaced by electronically-programmed rubber bracelets, pink for SLS, blue for Hyatt and Grey for Rosewood. Interestingly, Girlahead had a mind-boggling tour of the underground labryinth that is back of house, a subterranean town for the 5,ooo employees who look after resorts, casino, waterpark and grounds – signage down there is pink SLS, and red and blue for the two Hyatt wings, and, if the memory serves correctly, green for Rosewood. Down there, in that underground haven, is storage for 25,000 items of uniform clothing, accessed by swiping an ID which brings the exact spot in the rail to you.  There’s a full-scale branch of Doctors Hospital, for staff and their families as well as hotel guests. There’s a super staff restaurant serving over 7,000 meals a day, a full-scale bank, a tech support space, a 7-11 sundries store, a gym, and, probably an industry first staff concierge available for all general needs – and you only pay a minimum amount for some things, like $5 for two passport photos.

Back to the butlers. Something printed?  No problem. Escort to an event? Of course (since all roads, above ground, lead not to Rome but to the casino, this escort service is really useful). Girlahead appreciated them throughout the entire stay. Never intrusive and always generous, they should be a blueprint for the luxury industry. Well done Monica Ortiz, MD of Rosewood Baha Mar.