Luxury Hotels


There are not enough thought-leaders who can communicate to the industry, known as B2B (Business To Business), as well as B2C (Business To Consumers).  In luxury hotel parlance, we need to add B2E, Business To Employees. We can also add B2O, Business To Owners.

Someone who understands all these sectors is Brian Gullbrants, President WYNN LAS VEGAS & ENCORE.  Amazingly, all 12,000 of his employees, also called colleagues, receive an email from him every day. How, you might ask, does he do that?  He has an idea, which he circulates to his managers who pass it on to their teams.  How many other hotel bosses do that?  In his case he is networking as B2E, and it reverberates, thanks to even more motivated, service-givers, to consumers (B2C). And if B2C is happy, owners (B2O) are more than happy.

Another super person who communicates to all stakeholders is Wendy Perrin – see image above.  Former highly rated travel writer, Condé Nast Traveler’s advice columnist and then as TripAdvisor’s Travel Advocate,, she found herself answering and solving so many problems for readers that she climbed over the fence, so to speak, and now she is champion consumer advocate.

It’s impressive, for instance, how many causes Wendy Perrin champions (see She believes in Medjet. travel emergency assistance for travellers. Having confidence in a medical plan if you are travelling is a great insurance. She knows so much – sign up for her weekly newsletter. She is, incidentally, muse or influencer for Windstar Cruises, which says a lot for the integrity of that lovely cruising-yacht company.

Right, whom else can we put on our list?  Please send suggestions.