Luxury Hotels


There are heavenly spots for weddings and this, above, at COMO LAUCALA in Fiji must be one.

It does seem that the more expensive the event the more essential it is to have at least one wedding planner. Sometimes wedding planners fall out with their clients. Two of the Beckham-Peltz wedding, total cost $4 million, were fired after nine days. Now daddy Peltz and the planners are suing each other (the bouquet was not white enough, and Brooklyn Beckham was useless on the guest list, that kind of thing). Of course a lot of details are coming out. The Governor of Florida was not to be invited under ANY circumstances, and had Lewis Hamilton replied or not?

Wedding planners, it appears, have to put up with a lot – so, potentially, do hotel gms. One household-name English country house hotel boss told Girlahead about a local squire about to hold his only daughter’s wedding, lots of show but he insisted on a cash bar to save money. Other gms, especially when dealing with Indian weddings, wherever, report the necessity of knowing which of the four parents is the one, the only one, to make decisions.

On which tack, Marrakech will be busy next week. A five-day Big Indian Wedding will be flying in, 1,000 happy participants in all. But weddings ARE big business, and we love’em.