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Underwater overnight

Not sure a girl would really want to stay in a semi-submerged hotel pod.

This is what is planned, however, for Qatar.

Amphibious 1000 (why ‘1000’?) will have 80 pods, look out at coral and fish and so on – there are also four-floor Jellyfish Suites for those who want to be above as well as below the water.

What does fascinate me, however, is the fact that the designer, ravishing Roman Giancarlo Zema, is actually a naval architect, and for this project, which is costing a whopping $500 million total, he is working with a Vancouver company, Underwater Vehicles Inc, which specialises in autonomous underwater vehicles.

AUVs, as they are generally called are individual submarines, and apparently Sir Richard Branson has cottoned on to them as the next-thing for exploration and travel generally.

Virgin sub, anyone?