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Conor O’Leary, above, runs GLENEAGLES, and he’s a man of many talents.  He is more than used to sharing central stage with, for instance, the legendary resort’s owner, Sharan Pasricha, whose many hats include CEOing Ennismore, the lifestyle arm of Accor (Pasricha, with the help of Conor O’Leary, is also expanding the Gleneagles name, with the launch of GLENEAGLES EDINBURGH).

Conor O’Leary will also be sharing the stage with football legend Harry Redknapp, who has two ghost-written autobiographies, Harry Redknapp: My Autobiography and Always Managing, and whose many other claims to fame include winning the 2018 I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and, with his wife, property developing, with an element of social housing. Why the Conor&Harry show?  Read below.

Well, another pair of guys, this time the Davids, David Pitts and David Smith, own UK’s Northern Belle train. They have put together a really intriguing six-night itinerary, which starts  28th February in London at THE SAVOY, with a private concert with Katherine Jenkins. The programme includes Gleneagles, where the train enthusiast have a gala dinner with Harry Redknapp. Along the somewhat circuitous route the package also takes in Bath, boat trips in the Lake District and on Loch Ness, and the Blackpool Tower (ballroom dancing extravaganza by Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag).

Ballroom dancing is said to consume 430 calories per 30 minutes, and in this era of health-is-wealth, that is impressive. Girlahead salutes Dubai for what it is doing to encourage wellness, though sadly the Emirate has not repeated its weight-loss bribe. In 2013, it ran a 30-days promotion. For each kilogram of body-weight lost, participants received a gram of gold, then worth about $45. “Golden losers”, as they were called, needed to lose at least two kilos to receive the payout. The three participants who lost the most weight were entered into a draw to win a gold coin worth $5,400.

Ballroom dancing literally keeps you on your feet, and you need to concentrate to avoid falling over. Girlahead tries to keep her mind awake with her daily five-times-round-the-garden before the first breakfast coffee. SO simple to count to five. Not when you have no caffeine. Her latest ploy is to use rhyming slang and little ditties. Ton, one; shoe, two; me, three; door, four; alive, five. This morning this was expanded to as many letters of the alphabet as possible.  Take two – boo, coo, do, few, goo, who, jew, queue and so on. Great fun and great start to another great day.

And on a final wellness note, over to our good friend and pioneer wellness explorer, Susie Ellis, President and CEO, Global Wellness Institute: