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Jerry Inzerillo – Araminta Campbell – Taiko – Olympics – Peter Borer

This is the time to salute talented people. First, Jerry Inzerillo, Vice Chairman of Forbes Travel Guide FTG and current Chairman of Diriyah Gate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is, says FTG, the new HOTELS magazine’s Corporate Hotelier of the World.

Next up is  Araminta Campbell (above), who is designing a unique tartan for the Weston family’s 314-year old Fortnum & Mason’s store. She had been working with Hauser & Wirth’s Scottish inn, The Fife Arms, near Braemar, and for Fortnum’s she wanted to convey the ‘feeling’ of an English picnic. Her designs always start with a consultation to discover key elements of a brand, discussing such topicssuch as momentous occasions, important qualities, and the wider brand history, to name a few and this will be further supported by my own research. Araminta Campbell is one of Walpole’s luxury ‘brands of tomorrow’, to watch, now.

Next comes Schilo van Coevorden, the Dutchman who has made Japanese food his own at Taiko restaurant in The Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam. He is currently partnering with Japanese interior design store Time & Styl, who have taken over the glass library with exclusive pieces that combine modern and traditional Asian craftmanship. Admire, and also enjoy such signature Taiko Summer maki dishes as soft shell crab roll with mango, daikon and shishito, or salmon avocado roll with green asparagus, takuan, shiitake and sesame.

And today, in Tokyo of course, is opening of the Olympics. The Italian team will look the most stylish (well, of course – they are dressed by Armani). The French are clad in Lacoste, the USA will have sleepwear by Kim Kardashian, whom Girlahead always thought wore nothing in her double-California bed. And as for the UK team, a sweatshirt designer called Ben Sherman is providing the daytime pieces.

For style, by the way, listen to The Peninsula COO, here on Podcast: