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JAPAN – 15

No, Girlahead would not like to venture into the ‘void’ at The Peninsula Tokyo. She did venture down to the subterranean level of the hotel. Really conveniently, this level gives direct access to Hibiya Station. Down there, also, are some of the hotel’s culinary operations – see the image above. Watch immaculately-clad experts in the chocolate category, for instance.

Oh Girlahead ate so splendidly at that hotel.  Dinner, in rooftop Peter, the restaurant, with Peter (Edholm, heads sales and marketing) – and Meret Brunner, in charge when hotel GM Mark Choon is away (he was, at the official opening of The Peninsula London). The view up there in Peter is spectacular.  Look over Hibiya Park, and the Imperial Gardens.

Dme Ott Rosé preceded, and accompanied, a superb Ehime tuna carpaccio, followed by beef cheek. There were plenty of things to learn during dinner. One was that beefsteak tartare is not allowed in Japan. Why not try horse tartare? Apparently the best-tasting is from Kumamoto, on Kyüshu, which has had a love affair with horse meat going back some four centuries. Another learning was the great success of Japanese creative outfits, say Studio Ghibli.

Every Friday, Peter’s Bar, at the entrance to the restaurant space, hosts The Analog Record Series.  Tonight, 28th June, it is Four Hands, with DJ Kawasaki and DJ Kenta. Peter, the restaurant, is currently also serving breakfast – see the juices, ready’n’waiting and rarin’ to be drunk, below.

Girlahead in fact breakfasted in the lobby, which offers superb people-watching. Comings and goings of senior-level business locals and tourists is always fascinating. Baseball caps, which look so inane worn back to front, identify the latter. Thinking of The Peninsula thinking of others, the lobby’s breakfast menu includes a Japanese set meal designed by Michelin two-star Kazuo Takagi as well as a Naturally Peninsula inspired by Shojin.

This inspired choosing something healthy for a lunch snack which, as it happened, turned into a gargantuan spread. Plant-based ramen were preceded vegetable dim sum from the hotel’s Hei Fung Terrace. Then came ramen noodles with additives by Ippodo, a restaurant that originated on Fukuoka.  Gosh, there were so many little dishes: seasoned cod roe, hard-boiled egg and barbecued pork, sesame, chili, chopped onion, fungus, ginger, mustard greens, deep-fried garlic, seaweed, spring onion, Szechwan pickle with Peninsula XO sauce.

And when Girlahead left The Peninsula Tokyo she felt good. Without repeating what is already repetition, this is a hotel that thinks what you, world traveller or discerning local, might need or want.