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There’s something really special about sunrises and sunsets at sea. On glorious SS Splendor, Girlahead is often the only person around when the sun wakes up – though Hotel Manager Franck Galzy claims he is at work by five, having already exercised (this is one overtly passionate hospitality professional, he works three months on, three months off, and during the latter he rushes home to Bali to look after his two dogs and his seven Mono Batik boutiques, in that order).

When the sun goes down the outside decks of Splendor, decks 11 and 12, are, if the weather allows, a mass of happy holiday makers enjoying sundowners and perhaps wondering where to dine tonight. The sun seems to smiling. It has seen all this before, and so many times. Happy holiday makers are what hotels and resorts strive for but honestly top cruise ships seem more easily to achieve.