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Jean-Luc Naret, above, is one helluvah player, says Girlahead. Less than 24 hours ago he served an ace, officially announcing the first additions to The Set Collection. As Executive Director of The Set hotels he was already nannying properties in London, Amsterdam, Paris and Jerusalem. But where was Asia?  Aha, now The House Collective, exclusively Greater China, has joined up, which adds to the global portfolio Hong Kong, Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai.  (The Set hotels are owned by the Akirov family, and The House Collectives by Swire.)

The Set Collection is brand representation of independents, run by hoteliers for hoteliers. Owners, investors and management teams get, as alternative to traditional representation and distribution, an agile and flexible model, a tailored solution supplying only services that hoteliers need. The model adapts quickly to continually evolving conditions, within  a competitive fee structure. Collection hotels retain brand and identity, whilst taking advantage of tailored support services.

The Set hotels are Café Royal Hotel, London: Conservatorium, Amsterdam; Lutetia, Paris, and Mamilla, Jerusalem. House Collective properties, led by Managing Director Dean Winter, are The Upper House, Hong Kong; Temple House, Chengdu; Opposite House, Beijing, and Middle House, Shanghai.

The Set Collection is headquartered in London. Jean-Luc Naret’s inner team includes Robin Stangroom, Chief Commercial Officer; Brian Gore, VP Marketing, Brand & Digital; Ruurd Hooijer. VP Sales, and Eliot Sandiford, Director of Public Relations.

See this launch video, below: