Luxury Hotels


Oh the power of today, right now, but some things go on forever.

Dr Iwan Dietschi, SVP Hospitality of MGM China, oversees two up-to-2024-date properties in Macau, and they are spot-on. In the main atrium of MGM Grand Cotai, for instance, lifesize dolphins float through the air, drone-controlled.  How up to the minute is that?

No, Dr D does not always dress as if he’s in an Upstairs Downstairs saga (he is, in fact, Dr Hotelier, the name he uses when dispensing advice to the industry). Tonight this perenially-young industry professional is in fact  going to an event (see Girlahead tomorrow). Talking of which, Girlahead is wearing 35-year old YSL, vintage but not, one hopes, out of date. Vintage is in

Agelessness is a sense of mind. When it comes to humans there are those who are old before kindergarten. Increasingly there are others who have a sense of curiosity and vivacity that is nothing to do with biological age. Michael Douglas, 79, keeps up with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, 54, on long treks in exciting parts of the world – last week they were spotted at Taj Madikeri near Coorg, in central India. It seems like yesterday that Douglas introduced the world to unscrupulous trader Gordon Gekko in Wall Street, the 1987 movie in which Gekko was apparently writer-director Oliver Stone’s amalgam of Ivan Boesky, Carl Icahn and others.

Agelessness when it comes to hospitality relies considerably on maintenance. Nothing is worse than a hotel bedroom which has chips and marks – though what makes them even worse is when the furnishings are obviously past their best. Fortunately Dr Hotelier’s flagship property, MGM Grand Cotai, is not only merely five years old, but like all MGM properties worldwide, it is built for longevity. OK perhaps its sibling Bellagio in Las Vegas looks tired but that property is always so busy it must be difficult to get any maintenance done. Here in Macau, the housekeepers are super-alert and during her three nights there Girlahead detected not a micro-iota of any challenge. The hotel obviously follows that journey to agelessness that takes the road marked ‘prevention is better than cure’.