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The most brilliant luxury hotel marketing at this time

The star, Salvatore Ferragamo

Oh what a superb idea. Jack Ezon arranged for Embark Beyond to offer an exclusive guided tour of Il Borro, near Abruzzo, Tuscany. The tour was streamed live, Sunday 3 May, shot by Christina Ferragamo and starring her husband, Salvatore Ferragamo (who had been in the same class as Jack Ezon at New York University, NYU).

Il Borro belongs to Salvatore Ferragamo’s father, Ferruccio Feragamo. Apparently the family wanted to hire a management company to oversee the 700-hectare mediaeval village but in the event they handed it, instead, to Relais & Châteaux. There is a 35-suite hotel, plus what are now 23 villas, ideal for seclusion (in normal times, Il Borro attracts many significant weddings). There are two restaurants, offering fine dining through to make-your-own pizzas. Make your own shoes, if you must, or order here, bespoke. Swim, inside or out.  Tour the wine cellars, and vineyards.  Honestly, it all sounds so divine that the gal felt she wanted to go, quickly, and judging from the chat postings of the many luxury travellers and their concierges and advisors who were also following the live tour, the majority felt the same.

The tour is now on @embarkbeyond and