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Look ahead, literally, by touring Dubai’s sensational Museum of the Future, a seven-storey lying-on-its-side oval, shiny steel with assymetrical calligraphic cut-outs (you also need to book ahead, as generally there is over a two-week waitlist for tickets).

Yes, that’s the museum, above, like a patterned snake weaving in and out of Dubai’s tytpical highrises.

A visit to the museum is more than worth it. Inside the mammoth sculpture, designed by local architect Shaun Killa, the 90-minute tour starts with a highly plausible blast-off taking you, literally, up to the top, not to space but to the top of seven floors.

You work your way down through astronaut assimilation, 2050 rainforests, touch sensations, a library of biogenetically engineered plants and bugs, and copper clothing that wards off disease. There is so much more, you want to go through it all over again (there’s something for everyone, from advanced scientist to inquisitive three-year old)

Jumeirah Emirates Towers has its own internal walkway to the Museum, direct from the hotel lobby. This 51-floor hotel, by the way, has numerous futuristic elements of its own. Female servers in the soaring lobby lounge wear stunning champagne-coloured satin frocks with bulbous skirts formed of three-dimensional honeycomb shapes. Stuning, and memorable. Like Museum of the Future.