Luxury Hotels


Yesterday tomorrow was pets, especially dogs. Today the future is flowers. As the image above shows, sometimes it is better to have one simple bloom than a whole bouquet, as long as it is fresh.

Hotels can go overboard on the floral front.  For those who have not heard the story before, Girlahead checked into THE ESSEX HOUSE, that long-time Big Apple legend. Shown to room so filled with floral displays you could not see the light switches.  No card. Who sent all this?  Aha, finally a card. ‘The Management’ was sending the flowers to someone else. A call down to the Concierge quickly resulted in the noisy arrival of two very-long-serving bellmen with two of those wheeled trolleys (the ones that look like coronation knick-knacks as they seem to have a crown atop the shiny metal support frames). Every single petal was taken away, but it did mean the light switches were visible.

Interestingly only two hotel floral artists have names recognized far and wide. Jeff Leatham, from Utah, first sprang to fame at FOUR SEASONS GEORGE V in Paris, just as, a few years later, Danish floral artist Nicolai Bergmann made his hotel debut at FOUR SEASONS SEOUL. One of these days Girlahead will dig out other designers-with-flowers performing masterstrokes. Who, for instance, designs the world of flowers that makes the lobby of BELLAGIO so compelling?