Luxury Hotels


The future should be, could be and must be, thinking of others. So many, of all ages, have been mentally traumatised over the last four years that a lot have turned to pets for solace. Take a walk, anywhere it seems, and all smart people have a pooch on parade – goodness, the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2023 show had models parading along a bank of the Seine with dogs as part of the performance.

Girlahead’s beloved English Setter, Emma, was as beautiful as they come and/but as stupid as a sandboy. Even though she was meticulously trained if she got the slightest hint of a whiff of pheasant over the distant horizon she was off, for hours. Otto, a springer spaniel who is a Girlahead family member, is, by contrast, obedient as well as obviously lovable. Otto would, surely, know how to behave at even the most snooty of establishments (THE RITZ in London is known for denying entry to humans in blue jeans and, also in that world city, in the not-good old days THE CONNAUGHT used to send media packing, as did, under eternal former GM Frank Klein, LE RITZ PARIS.

Today such arrogance would not be tolerated. ┬áToday we will see more pets’ shower rooms, as at RITZ-CARLTON TOKYO, and rooms with outdoor pets’ running areas (HYATT REGENCY HAKONE). Watch the evolution.