Luxury Hotels


Yes, it’s Christmas Day in the morning, and here at divine Fairmont Tazi Palace Tangier Jaouad Sbihi, above, is smiling. It’s his first Christmas as GM here, in the town of his birth – this time last year he was waiting to help Pierre Barthès open the still-unopened Raffles Riyadh. (OK, why do some hotels take forever to open? Why can’t Heathrow get its third runway? Why can’t Hamas and Israeli strike a deal? Why do some drive on the left and some on the right and some, like Martin Gostelow’s one-time Delhi chauffeur, right down the middle?)

As the 2024 Authority of Luxury – thank you Tak Man, Nexus Asia and Robb Report Hong Kong – Girlahead feels opined to say some questions are unanswerable, so let’s concentrate on those that can be answered.  Why IS Fairmont Tazi Palace Tangier so ‘divine’? The location, the hilltop air, the natural quiet, broken only, last night, when a spiffing six-piece dancing-drum-band, in Santa outfits, invaded. See the video below.

Girlahead, anyway, was having a super day. Planned Whatsapp chats with those that mean the most to her, in India, UAE, UK, US. The knowledge that MARY GOSTELOW GIRLAHEAD PODCAST has rickoshayed (never could spell that) up to 80 THOUSAND followers. Writing up ILTM – and Four Seasons’ amazing and unique sundowner party – for January Gostelow Report. The knowledge that bed could be possible by 9.30pm. Bliss of bliss. Help me, is this a call for help or a knowledge of realism?

Fairmont Tazi Palace is really well thought out. An historic building – see yesterday’s story. Great and passionate staff, superb pool, gym (Precor, but it works), and oh the food. The breakfast buffet, so well-signposted, has to be seen to be believed. At least 20 just-baked breads, all characterful.

And a fabulously firm mattress. Girlahead went to bed last night knowing she would have A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. Isn”t that the best imaginable Christmas present?