Luxury Hotels


Want that sense of place? Well, look above, at the collage styled by Girlahead in her little suite, #901, at Fairmont Tazi Palace. Tanger. Called The Signature Suite, #901 is in the original palace tower, next to the three-bedroom Katara Suite.

Admittedly The Signature Suite does not have a terrace or private garden – but boy it sure does have space. It’s a series of interconnecting rooms, 53 metres long by 6.5 metres wide, mostly wood-floored. Enter, and you progress from sitting room to guest washroom to bedroom to marble-floored bathroom to dressing room. Along the wall to your right as you enter and progress are tall windows with the most dramatic bright persimmon-coloured shot silk drapes: two windows in each room except the guest washroom, one window.

The only strategic other wall, facing the windows, is in the sitting room.  Here that wall is handpainted with a browns-and-beiges romantic timeless landscape. See it above. Could be anywhere. Could be Morocco. Wherever, it’s perfect as background for Mary’s Moroccan Meal. Tanjine in a blue ceramic pot with typical coned hat-lid – a lemon and chicken tanjine, with eight mini bread rounds. A tasting of Moroccan salads. A glass of rosé from Meknes, about an hour from Rabat (that’s the area that also produces the best olives).

Really, one needs to import hardly anything, says Jaouad Sbihi, GM of Fairmont Tazi Palace. Even Spanish agriculturalists are getting involved in Morocco (the two countries seem to get on just fine – they’re jointly hosting the 2030 FIFA World Cup, for which Morocco is building the world’s biggest-ever stadium, apparently.

Girlahead was so at home at Tazi Palace.  Dawn-break hike up the steep-steep road outside the hotel, listening to cockerel carcophony and subdued muezzin. The daily breakfast buffet with about 20 breads, all delicious and ‘real’, and such beautifully-displayed cut fruit platters, and, really, anything healthy you could envisage. The gym with pieces of equipment thoughtfully set to give best views of gardens and landscape. A Swissline facial with perfumed Moroccan tea, afterwards, poured from a silver pot held high as an ornamental fountain. The Rose Room sitting area with its pale pink tea trolley. The street art in Parisa. The ready-for-you working potter. The sense of place.