Luxury Hotels


The Eight of Cups – the Sybaritic Single’s tarot cards prescribed him to depart immediately. Just after midnight, he booked a ticket and found himself in the Emirates limo before he could even think twice.
So thanks to Salvador Dali’s infamous tarot deck, the Sybaritic Single escaped to Muscat this weekend – the “three glasses of Champagne” early flight from Dubai was a bit too short to enjoy the first class suite but nevertheless Dom Pérignon 2013 inevitably set him in the right mood.
The moment the flight touched down, the Sybaritic Single was in the hands of The Chedi. Sunbathing at his favourite 21-acre resort away from Dubai crowds is a bliss – and the pace slows down even more in Oman during the Holy Month.
The Al Hajar Mountains are on one side, a 370-metre private beach and the glittering Gulf of Oman on the other. The Chedi Muscat, home to the Middle East’s longest pool (a 103-metre asset reserved for adults, cleansed with natural salt rather than chlorine – safer for Versace swimsuits), is a magnet for peace-seeking holidaymakers with high ideals. The vibe is bougie Bedouin meets Zen Master, Japanese-style spaces with dim lighting – the Sybaritic Single has been in love with the resort for two decades.
Wealthy Omanis, too, love it due to the fact the place is so darn discreet. Members of the royal family can, and do, flit in and out of the private dining rooms and salons without any fanfare.
Similar to Aman properties, The Chedi Muscat offers free minibars yet the Sybaritic Single really hoped it was not the case. Uninspiring, unhealthy and useless is the softest way to describe it – six mineral waters, some
low-level liquor miniatures. No juice, no quality stuff – two Heinekens and two Amstels.
The hotel’s boutique, on the other hand, is a gem – it’s good for far more than sun lotion and aspirin. This is where you can really come to shop with partnered brands including designer Michael Aram and the world-famous Omani perfumier Amouage (headquartered just down the road).
A bit stricter on alcohol, a bit quieter than usual while the spa and the hammams are even greater than usual – a weekend at The Chedi Muscat is precisely the type of luxury escape the Sybaritic Single enjoys after a hectic week in the city.