Sybaritic Singles, flights and luxury hotels

La Pyramide

La Pyramide

When outside of luxury hotels, many travellers tailor their itineraries around schedules, connections, fares or even frequent flyer programmes. The Sybaritic Single selects his airlines according to the champagne they serve, onboard and in the lounges.

His all-time favourite airport base is Paris, where he has a choice of several vineyards at La Première lounge, including his favourite ultra brut, signed by Philippe Starck. Zero sugar is the future of champagnes, especially prior to boarding an ultra long-haul flight with more champagnes and less physical activity.

Outside of France, Doha has become almost synonymous with Krug, both on the ground and up in the air. The champagne connoisseur has spent many sleepless nights, red crystal flûte in hand, at the latest minimalist and chic lounge of Hamad International Airport.

Finally, his latest discovery was rosé at Dubai. Following years of serving one constant uninspiring label, this spring the bubbles at the airport’s lounges have finally turned if not vintage but pink.

The solo traveller celebrated the occasion with La Pyramide, an elegant code of perpetual travel, sparkling with rosé – because offering choice is essential in first class travel. Curiously, the colourful spirit of La Pyramide got also reflected in the baubles of the lounge’s iconic chandelier. Having toasted the long-awaited innovation, the Sybaritic Single disappeared into one of the gates, making his way to the next luxury hotel.