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Sybaritic Single’s favourite luxury hotel bars in Paris

Whenever the Sybaritic Single returns to Paris, he always visits two of his favourite bars, which he ranks among the finest for any solo traveller: Le Bar at Hôtel Plaza Athénée and The Ritz Bar.
What makes them great? Location, knowledgeable, approachable yet very discreet staff, and of course knowing the right temperature for serving Champagne, as well as being able to craft a cocktail with the precision of Swiss watches.
Talkative bartenders can get annoying but there is nothing worse than a talkative sitting stranger next to you. The right bartender knows how to keep a light conversation – and, more importantly, he knows when and how to save you from that annoying stranger who perhaps enjoyed too many drinks and just keeps talking nonsense. That recently happened to the Sybaritic Single twice at the Ritz and once at the Plaza Athénée, where he was sitting on his own behind the famous glass bar, which looks like sculpted ice, and sipped a Rose Royale (made with Champagne and fresh raspberries) amid the hip crowd.
Tipsy talkative strangers aside, the crowd is first-class at the two establishments and the Sybaritic Single made many wonderful acquaintances there: from Brazilian tycoons to the most eccentric guests from the Far East.
Those two bars are the perfect models every luxury hotel should strive to replicate. Until then, they are worth flying to Paris, even if only for a glass of Champagne.