Whenever the Sybaritic Single agrees to add some food into his diet, it must be worth it. The daily routine of juices, herbal teas and fine champagnes may cause a bit of dizziness.
His most recent visit to Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV in Monte-Carlo is too heavy on carbs. “Le chariot à pains” (oh that bacon bread!) is more of a complete bakery on wheels yet a deep-fried spiny artichoke with caviar is all the carbs one really needs. The multi-course dinner finishes with the richest of the rum babas, mignardise, another hearty serving of some monstrous panettone-looking loaf with cream, candied nuts, chocolates and, just to be sure the Sybaritic Single feels most uncomfortable in his slim fit Dior suit, a boxed pastry to take home. After a full three-Michelin-starred dinner with a ton of sweets, this is too cruel to the stomach.
Slightly peckish the following night, the Sybaritic Single heads to Yoshi at the Metropole, the most fabulous Michelin-starred Japanese on the Riviera. Its mastermind, Joël Robuchon, might long be gone but the cuisine is still wonderful, especially the seafood. Takeo Yamazaki personally checks on the diner to ensure the sashimi paired well with the bubbles. The only solid carbs are in the form of a delicate take-away cake at the end of the evening: too tempting to decline.
A few days later at the Ritz Paris, the Sybaritic Single downs a bottle of Barons de Rothschild Brut and heads to Espadon, which now got a new chef and a new location. The Michelin-starred (since 18 March 2024) journey in five stages reveals a succession of tastes, scents and distant memories of the dark continent. Barely any carbs and the vegetal dishes are feather-light. The superb Bohemian crystal-leaf ceiling lamp creates an imaginary herbarium above. Before dessert, Eugénie Béziat appears at the table for a chat with the Sybaritic Single – he applauds to the cheffe who has struck the sublime balance between healthy and delicious.
Upon departure, she presents a small tin of her favorite infusion to enjoy at home, hot or cold. Now this is the height of divine thoughtfulness! Dior size 44 it still is.