Sybaritic Single and working out at luxury hotels

Slim-line sculpture seen on one's travels

Slim-line sculpture seen on one’s travels

The Sybaritic Single does not have time for proper workouts when he stays at luxury hotels, neither he has space in his trunk to carry any fitness gear. Yet staying fit, slim and looking fresh is a daily requirement, regardless of destination.

Last year, he felt excited when he learnt about a new concept by Westin which offered a complete workout set for a nominal fee. He promptly called to request it, feeling thrilled in anticipation of a proper workout away from home. Moments later, the set was delivered. Sadly, both its quality and hygiene remained quite dubious and outweighed the allure of the gym. The disillusioned traveller had no choice than to just go for a walk down Paseo del Prado.

Until today, post-dinner strolls and occasional morning swims is what comes in place of conventional workouts for the perpetual jet-setter. A quick walk from Avenue Montaigne to Rue Cambon and back, three laps around Red Square (above) or an hour of cycling around the Forbidden City or Tokyo’s Imperial Palace are enough to keep the traveller fit and they do not require any special workout gear.

Long flights might also take their toll on the fresh look. When up in the air, a strict liquid diet of champagne and green tea is followed to aid hydration. It is also easy on the body in the hypo dynamic environment of an aircraft – caviar is the only solid food allowed in the skies. The Sybaritic Single’s favourite French fashion house has also invented a unique product with molecules extracted from the grapevines of Château d’Yquem, harvested in 2014. Due to the vine’s self-regenerating powers and its ability to preserve for decades, it aids the fresh look while crossing time zones, oceans and continents.

Very shortly the Sybaritic Single will be on his way to Paris to be among the first to step into the long-awaited Hôtel Ritz once it finally re-opens. He is still not sure whether its fitness facilities will be ready in time – so a few laps around Place Vendôme in the evening might have to replace a workout. The slim silhouette of his Dior suit will be just perfect for this stylish exercise!