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Sybaritic Single waxes lyrically over these golden eggs

The Sybaritic Single marked Valentine’s Day with a generous tin of Beluga Almas and Dom Pérignon 2010. His favourite vintage is 1983, which is now more evolved and magnified than ever before yet increasingly tough to source.
A true connoisseur of caviar, it was however his first time to taste Almas which is known to be the most precious sort of caviar and the world’s by far most expensive food. Produced from the eggs of a rare albino beluga between 60-100 years old, which swims in the southern Caspian Sea where there is apparently less pollution. Creamy, nutty and delicate, spoonful and straight from the tin – divine. Some delicacies are worth the wait and the distance.
The last time Sybaritic Single really ate anything was back in late 2019 at Fauchon at Royal Opera House in Muscat. He prefers to eat much less but much better. Two weeks before the opening of Fauchon l’Hotel in Kyoto – the second hotel in the portfolio after Paris – the Sybaritic Single is more than ever worried about the fate of his favourite Fauchon, shaken by the crisis and closing two of its three stores at La Madeleine. Oh what a magnificent idea to mix French gastronomy with Japanese twists under the roof of the new 70-room luxury hotel! It truly seems that a true fauchonista needs to travel to Japan now to stock on its famous delicatessen – the brand has been well-known brand in Japan for 47 years and currently operates 28 stores there.
Now, if only Fauchon served Almas caviar and stocked enough Dom Pérignon 1983 – the Sybaritic Single’s new favourite combination….