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Sybaritic Single waxes lyrically about Singapore’s airline cuisine

One of the reasons the Sybaritic Single goes out of his way to fly Singapore Airlines is the elegance of its dining at 38,000ft. It is exquisitely luxurious.
The Wedgwood bone china and cutlery are possibly the finest in the skies, apart from the surprisingly clumsy Champagne flûtes. Every dining element seems to be considered, whether the airline is serving its famed poached lobster, an 11-course kyo-kaiseki or just some malosol oscietra caviar and traditional satay. Chinese teas are presented precisely as they should – in bespoke gaiwan cups with lids in reference to the Ming dynasty. This made Singapore Airlines one of the three carriers that the Sybaritic Single actually dines onboard when he flies (the other two are Air France and Korean Air).
As Singapore’s most premium cabins as temporary grounded, the Sybaritic Single was thrilled to discover that the airline decided to sell its famed 22-piece first class tableware sets, that include six Lalique glasses, salt and pepper shakers, to the willing audience. Priced at $650, this is a steal and a rare occasion when airline tableware can actually make a tasteful addition to an elegant home collection.
Those based in Singapore can also enjoy a full first class dinner for two inspired by routes to Paris, Tokyo, Sydney and New Delhi in the comfort of their homes by one of the airline’s chefs, including the three Michelin-starred Georges Blanc or the seven Michelin-started Yoshihiro Murata, along with a full tableware set. Pyjamas, Dom Pérignon 2008, vintage wines, sake – even the chef to plate it all at home – are included.
The Sybaritic Single adores this initiative and believes that a small piece of airline dining luxury can truly serve as a nice travel memento – at least until Singapore Airlines first class cabins take-off into the skies once again.