Luxury Hotels

Sybaritic Single waxes lyrically about his luxury bed

A good night’s sleep is the only luxury the Sybaritic Single can never afford at a luxury hotel: he has never got enough time. Always on the go, always in a rush – and then the hair takes two hours to fix. The gal recently advised him to shave his head bald but no, he is not ready for that. How can one possibly picture Karl, Anna or, God forbid, Donatella bald? It’s part of the look and he is prepared to invest in it.

The most comfortable hotel bed he has ever slept in was at Jumeirah’s Burj Al Arab in Dubai – see a bird’s eye atrium view, above. Even the giant mirror above the bed didn’t disturb much in the otherwise feng-shui-perfect hotel. Before leaving the Tower of the Arabs, he made sure to order the same seven-star bedding for his own home. The precise, century-old Bavarian mixture of ultra-light feathers and goose down, washed in calcium-free water, is divine. When the Sybaritic Single has the luxury of time – like this last weekend – he can master the art of sleep for 36 hours in it without ever getting up. He has breakfast in bed, he works in bed, he even receives close friends in bed.

Whoever happened to spend a night in it – not that there were too many lucky ones – always complimented something magical about the bed. The Sybaritic Single knew he was only part of the magic and the rest was in the feathers. For him, this is the single best thing he has ever acquired at a luxury hotel.