Luxury Hotels

Sybaritic Single takes to the waters of luxury hotels

Four Seasons Bahrain, vous êtes encroyable…

Having spent countless nights in luxury hotels, the Sybaritic Single still looks for a bit of fun and surprise wherever he checks-in.

The Ritz Paris remains his firm favourite, but can this luxury institution keep impressing him over and over again, through product or service? The Sybaritic Single sleeps at the Ritz but prefers Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée for breakfast: he finds its menu much more diverse and extravagant. However, by lunchtime he is already back at The Ritz: its famous Art Deco swimming pool (above), the largest in all of the Parisian hotel palaces, is the one particular magnet which ensures that the Sybaritic Single always comes back.

In fact, it is the pool’s underwater music that attracts him. So few luxury hotels truly go into such level of detail as to ensure that their pools have a solid soundtrack ready for those who enjoy diving and spending time underwater. The Ritz is one of them and its playlist is excellent.

A few thousand miles away, Four Seasons Bahrain Bay has built its reputation both on impeccable service as well as superb wellness facilities. Its spa and four swimming pools are so gorgeous, they make all surrounding luxury resorts seem secondary. Naturally, its pools also come with great sound systems and playlists. With the excellent underwater music last weekend, the Sybaritic Single only wished that the same playlist would also extend to the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf, washing the hotel’s latest man-made beach.

Yet, his all-time favourite is the swimming pool at Park Hyatt New York. Located on the 25th floor, its underwater speakers play a curated Carnegie Hall soundtrack.