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Sybaritic Single takes the waters

The Sybaritic Single feels that wellness is back in our lives stronger than ever. Spa is the new bar – three letters, different meaning. That’s why he downs his morning glass of Champagne and heads for a body treatment as early as 9:00 AM – and then there is always a Dior facial at 9:00 PM with a cup of herbal tea before he retires to bed.

After the health crisis everyone wants to feel pampered and spoilt, but in a slightly more sophisticated way. As the herd immune increases, the distance between humans shrinks and it is sensational to once again have an appointment with your favourite therapist, sense aromatic oils and feel the healing touch.

Never in his life the Sybaritic Single enjoyed as many spas and workouts as these days. His favourite brand, Dior, still keeps its wellness flagship at Hôtel Plaza Athénée closed so the Sybaritic Single can only enjoy Dior treatments either in Moscow or Dubai. He expects more luxury brands to enter the world of sophisticated wellness very soon – nobody can afford to ignore this reviving trend. Aman just launched dedicated wellness retreats in both Amanzoe in Greece and Amanjena in Morocco. Daily massages, spa, herbal teas and movement classes are designed to boost the immune system and motivation.
The Sybaritic Single hasn’t booked himself for such a retreat – he cherishes the hope that Paris would re-open in summer, where his life would once again include at least 15km of daily movements around the Tuileries Garden and between Place Vendôme and Avenue Montaigne, facials at Dior Institut and body treatments at the Ritz Club. As for the herbal teas – his latest favourite is the extravagant sapphire-hued Cactus Bleu by Mariage Frères. He believes that Gabrielle Jammal, the world-famous tea sommelier at Baccarat Hotel New York, would approve his healthy choice.