Luxury Hotels


On his way from Zanzibar, the Sybaritic Single routed himself via Doha – to see the new luxurious extension of the already quite impressive Hamad International Airport.
After a cameo appearance at this favourite Al Safwa first class lounge and a few glasses of less than memorable Charles Heidsieck Rosé Reserve NV (especially after the seriously remarkable Laurent-Perrier Alexandra Rosé 2006 that he enjoyed in-flight), he rolled to the new part of the terminal.
The extension reminded him of The Jewel at Changi Airport in Singapore – an enormous tropical garden with water features under an intricate glass dome. Seemingly, all luxury maisons jumped on the opportunity to showcase the best – but who can be impressed by yet another duty free? The real gems are hidden inside the new 7,390 sq.m Al Mourjan business class lounge.
Not that the Sybaritic Single was ever willing to downgrade to second class, but he was curious to see the lounge’s two unique features – the world’s second Louis Vuitton café (the first one opened last year in Osaka) and the world’s first airport Dior spa – inspired by the one at the Cheval Blanc Paris. Both features will be available to those already in the lounge, though at an additional cost.
LVMH are evidently pushing the expansion of their powerhouse brands into the experiential. Curiously, they chose business class lounge over first class – probably, to capture a higher footfall of those who aspire. How many flights are going to be missed due to those documenting fancy coffees on social media?
As it often happens, the café and the spa are past due their expected opening date (25 April 2023), which gives the Sybaritic Single another reason to land at Doha.