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The Sybaritic Single hates taking chances and prefers everything to be planned properly. For that reason, he never books the Nice to Monaco helicopter by seat but splurges on chartering the entire aircraft all for himself – he values the front seat and the panoramic view of Monaco as the Airbus H-130 approaches its heliport.
The annual descend on the principality is a textbook example of a week-long and painstakingly fine-tuned luxury sojourn. The moment he appears on the steps of Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, the entire place is aware as he is greeted and whisked to the casino-facing suite on the fourth floor, the same he has occupied ever since 2017.
The hotel must still have fresh memories of the “basic florals” tantrum that occurred last year, so there are two large flower bouquets waiting: one in the living room and another one in the bathroom. There is even a small pot with a money tree on the table this year – just to make sure that all the “basics” are covered.
Without asking, an ice bucket is delivered precisely at 10:00 PM to ensure that the Dior evening skincare routine is chilled to its perfect temperature before application – an equally chilled glass of Fauchon brut and Alain Ducasse pralines on the side.
Every possible amenity is placed in abundance as the courteous Japanese guest service executive offers her business card “in case of anything”.
The Sybaritic Single remembers the hotel has even created a WhatsApp group in the past so that he would promptly alert bars, restaurants and the spa of his caprices. This time, a front table was always ready for him at Le Bar Américain even on the busiest nights as well as his favourite table at Le Grill for leisurely lunches, the morning Jacuzzi temperature is just right and there are several kinds of smoked salmon for breakfast – though he opts for a healthier maguro sashimi this year instead.
Checking-out a week later, the Sybaritic Single realises he never had to call anyone for anything this time. Not that he became less demanding over the years (quite the opposite!) but the hotel has finally got everything right for him. Isn’t it one of the greatest luxuries?