Luxury Hotels


Just before flying off to Monaco, the Sybaritic Single decides to visit the latest addition to the Dorchester Collection hotel portfolio, The Lana in Dubai.
Most recently, Dorchester Collection seems to be in love with all things Dubai, adding seven (!) residential projects in one city. Ava, Lana, Orla, Vela – all these property names seem confusing compared to the much more iconic and established likes of the Plaza, Meurice, Principe, Eden and Bel-Air.
Making his way through hoards of food delivery motorcycles and heavy trucks, past the ghastly SLS and Paramount Hotel, the Sybaritic Single finally pulls up the narrow and steep causeway leading to the main entrance.
The owner of the latest “Dorchester” must firmly believe that Hôtel Plaza Athénée is the best thing on Earth, period. How else would one explain that Jean Imbert looks after the kitchen, Angelo Musa is in charge of pastries, the spa is obviously Dior and the vaulted lobby lounge is called, ahem… The Gallery? The only things missing are the 1,900 red geraniums and the harpist.
Thankfully, the service is quintessentially Plaza as well and, therefore, so refreshing for Dubai: a bit too caring at times, but well-intentioned and thoughtful. The flowers are impeccably fresh, the champagnes are chilled, well chosen and surprisingly well priced, almost like in as Paris. One can swallow three glasses at The Lana for the price of one served at the greedy Bulgari Resort.
Might The Lana happen to be the best unofficial franchise of the Plaza? It truly can if one imagines Plaza Athénée on Emirati steroids and in the middle of a not-so-posh Dubai “arrondissement” that the city’s Business Bay district happens to be.