Luxury Hotels


The Sybaritic Single was extremely pleased when Singapore Airlines announced the return of the A380 – it meant flying Suites was back, currently the most luxurious airline cabin. The cherry on the top was the brand-new Private Room at Changi, a dedicated space for the very best passengers, above first class.
He arrived early to enjoy two hours in the lounge, breezed through the private check-in, past the gleaming duty free storefronts straight upstairs.
The picture-perfect space was calm, perhaps a bit too calm, with private areas for each guest. Having admired the stunning light dome comprising 107 crystal aquatic ginger flowers by Lalique, the Sybaritic Single landed right in the middle to see and be seen, yet he could barely see anyone – the clever layout did ensure utmost privacy.

No eyebrows were raised when he asked for six glasses of Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2007 and they arrived momentarily. He built the pyramid of flûtes and tried to turn off some lights to avoid the glare on the photos when he realised there were no switches or cords. In fact, wireless charging pads for mobiles discouraged any use of wires to protect the aesthetic of the lounge. Table lamps couldn’t be moved either as they were glued. HBA designers (also behind Four Seasons Singapore and The Fullerton Hotel) clearly did their job well to ensure the entire space remained precisely the way they imagined it, with guests or staff barely able to alter anything. Once the picture was finally taken, the Sybaritic Single sent the fizz back (one persons’s waste is another person’s pleasure) and ordered a TWG Vietnamese oolong instead.

Dining was strictly à la carte – designers clearly didn’t want any food on display apart from a few jewel-like pralines under glass cloches.
The new lounge also got two bedrooms with vibrating mattresses, COMO Shambhala aroma diffusers and yoga mats, an abundance of Lalique Néroli potions in the labyrinth of washrooms as well as a soundproof glass booth for taking calls.
Would the Sybaritic Single make an effort to arrive as early the next time he flies? Barely. The new Private Room is too sterile, too perfect and yet, not too much fun.