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Sybaritic Single on smell

Aroma overcomes confusion of surroundings

Memories of Peter, the bar atop The Peninsula Tokyo

The Sybaritic Single is inspired by scents. Perfume compositions posses the power to evoke strong associations. More luxury hotels are exploring this olfactory dimension as they infuse their spaces with light perfumes.

Timeless Parisian palaces are famous for their love of amber. The newly reopened Ritz Paris, from day one, is bringing back the signature amber aroma in its salons and galleries. The Sybaritic Single always remembers to get a bottle of his favourite, slightly more dynamic amber room spray from Hôtel Plaza Athénée each time he happens to be on Avenue Montaigne. Just that light scent alone proves to create a strong yet invisible bond which keeps the Sybaritic Single coming back to spend nights at the hotel again and again.
Lately, not only hotels but shopping centres and office towers adopted the trend and infused their foyers with a cacophony of scents. Naturally, the memories they evoke might not be the most calming. The Sybaritic Single recently walked into a business hotel in Dubai and got hit with a wave of a clean scent – the one used at his office. It appeared that the hotel decided to use one of the off-the-shelf commodity perfumes rather than invest in a bespoke invisible palette. He could not wait to leave the establishment.
Lesson learnt for luxury hotels: be careful with room sprays and compose a unique masterpiece. Just because some common perfumes might whisper disastrous memories – which have taken place at other hotels, of course.