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Busy with balancing a hectic social life, twice daily exercise and even a bit of work, the Sybaritic Single compromised on sleep a bit more often than he wished. Thankfully, a glass of champagne before bed (a thoughtful tip from Queen Elizabeth II) ensured he never ever suffered from insomnia, yet he considered himself lucky whenever he caught five hours of sleep at night. Regardless, his sleep debt kept accumulating – so eventually, he signed-up for a luxury hotel sleep retreat.
No longer is the Sybaritic Single content with a pillow menu and turndown service (except, when at Cheval Blanc Paris – they do get it right there with their delicious bedside herbal infusions). Now the emergence of concierge services entirely committed to sleep, special doze-inducing spa programmes and even forty wink-focused workshops at some of the most sought-after addresses are showing a new way forward. Dreamy, right?
Sonia Cheng understands the importance of sleeping well. Across 20 Rosewood properties, she debuted the Alchemy of Sleep programme – a set of offerings unique to each that focus on promoting better slumber. Destination-exclusive experiences include Rosewood Villa Magna Madrid’s grounding ritual, Rosewood London’s intensive votary antidote sleep treatment, Rosewood St. Barth’s healing sound therapy sessions and Hôtel de Crillon’s in-room Sleeping Beauty set with all the essentials for ensuring a good night’s sleep.
In Dubai, the Sybaritic Single retreats to Jumeirah Al Qasr for a personalised Sleep Wellness programme – usually, for a minimum of three days with a bit of hypnotherapy, reiki and qi gong. Together with a decent mattress, they work magic erasing the nasty sleep debt.
Still figuring out his unique chronotype (which determines the ideal sleep schedule), the Sybaritic Single looks forward to catching up on more sleep as he packs his wooden trunk for a few nights in the Himalayas later this month – in serious hopes for a luxuriously deep ‘ZzZzZz’.