Luxury Hotels


The time to not go to Thailand is the rainy season, from May to October, when monsoons blow in from all directions – but what monsoon can ever stop the Sybaritic Single? He always wanted to explore the Golden Triangle – chilling in the south of Thailand with hordes of tourists isn’t really his thing.
Arriving at the Four Seasons Chiang Mai couldn’t be smoother. The Lana-style retreat is essentially a luscious garden dotted with lily ponds – delight for the eyes. Despite the natural surroundings, the resort is quite formally designed, as if every tree knows its place.
The Sybaritic Single establishes himself in one of the 66 treetop pavilions looking over a rice paddy and immediately spots a few resident water buffalos bathing outside (sadly, the activity attracts too many kids but, thankfully, those turn out to be quite well-behaved brats).
Shortly after arrival, the hotel inquires whether the Sybaritic Single would like to try sunrise yoga, ceramic pottery, textile dyeing or has a particular interest in planting rice seedlings. Neither nor: he is not a fan of labour therapy. He is there to sip champagne (the chief concierge of the Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah Beach made sure his global profile with the hotel group particularly states this) with raspberries and some exotic fruit rather than plant rice and clean after the buffalos (oh the smell!). However, remembering his childhood years, he does say yes to riding a bicycle: the surrounding Mae Rim Valley is marvelous.
Come sundown, the rice farmers parade through the fields singing and celebrating the end of a working day, while the Sybaritic Single rewards himself with 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond facials which are almost as good as his favourite Dior Spa.
Late at night, he swings in his open-air pavilion sipping more of the Baron de Rothschild champagne with some Petrossian caviar. The monsoon is in full swing, summer cicadas are ecstatic and that’s precisely how he loves the week at this luxury hotel.