Luxury Hotels

Sybaritic Single shares more thoughts on luxury hotels

Essence of true hospitality 

The more the Sybaritic Single stays at luxury hotels, the more he appreciates general managers ‎who are genuine hoteliers at heart. He has seen examples of great hotels losing their glamour the ‎moment a wrong general manager takes the rein. A degree in asset management for a ‎hotelier can become a recipe for a disaster.

An old-school hotelier is an artist who will ensure a memorable quality experience which will drive loyalty and ‎sustainable returns for many years to come. A general manager with an asset management ‎mindset is a trader who will maximise revenue at every stage while completely losing sight of the long-term. In ‎the age of multi-brand hotel groups, we see more examples of a cookie-cutter asset management ‎approach that tarnishes guest experience, turning it into a conveyor belt operation. What might be ‎a winning formula for a massive convention city hotel, can never work for a luxury establishment. As ‎a result, true travel connoisseurs begin to shy away from large chains and turn to smaller, often ‎independent properties with curated and personalised amenities – most likely, regardless of price.‎ Aman hotels are a great example.

The Sybaritic Single has decided to start keeping record of true luxury hoteliers rather than just luxury ‎hotels. Those are general managers who have the style and elegance of great hosts which also translate into superior financial performance of their properties. These rare personalities are the true gems of ‎the industry who need to be celebrated and, when the moment is right, highlighted to the ‎captains of the industry.‎