Luxury Hotels


If the Sybaritic Single ever had to present the world’s ghastliest airport hotel award, it would undoubtedly go to Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu. It makes Malé airport hotel feel exquisite.
Endless dimly lit corridors, well-intentioned yet disoriented staff with very mediocre English, stuffy no-view room without a single basic floral but with a leaking plastic shower head, sterile mini-bar, Japanese-only sockets and an inoperable iron – the Sybaritic Single can tolerate many things in life as long as his hairdryer works. It didn’t.
Aware of the different voltage in Japan, the Sybaritic Single had thoughtfully written to the hotel a few days prior to his arrival requesting a proper power transformer (100V to 220V). He had even attached a photograph, taken ages ago at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, of what exactly he was looking for.
The device was promptly delivered to his room, however it was for American appliances rather than EU/UK. Another call, another transformer – this time twice the size and supposedly working well. Sadly, three minutes of the hairdryer on full power completely burnt the second transformer. The Sybaritic Single decided he shouldn’t bother requesting yet another device – he felt the staff was traumatized enough already.
Already running behind schedule and fuming like Mount Fuji, the Sybaritic Single gave up any hope of getting his bouffant right, put on one of the “emergency” berets by Stephen Jones and hurried to the busy terminal downstairs to catch his next flight.