Luxury Hotels


Every now and then the Sybaritic Single needs a detox. Endless “Dubai cultural soirées” (3% culture, 97% something else) take their toll when the most potent Dior serums start to give up: the face looks noticeably “tired”.
The mindful Sybaritic Single made firm arrangements to spend two weeks at Monte Carlo’s wellness centre around St. Valentine’s (after celebrating both Christmases and three New Years), yet his body demanded something healthy much sooner – so he booked an emergency weekend retreat in Sharjah to “disconnect from the world”.
Located in the heart of Sharjah’s buzzing cultural district, The Chedi Al Bait remains his firm favourite – a few things have changed there recently, the hotel got a new Japanese-Korean restaurant by the acclaimed chef and restaurateur Reif Othman as well as a private beach five minutes away.
Despite the enhancements, the hotel is still nicely boring – yet, the impeccable service, a 24/7 gym and a superb hammam make it an excellent place to detox and unwind. Upon arrival, he waved away the waiters proffering the signature sparkly-purple drink infused with silver dust, as if they were ships loaded with toxic waste and, instead, asked for a still mineral water, no ice (it’s bad for the digestive system).
Within 48 hours, the Sybaritic Single managed to restart his rigorous schedule of self-maintenance, catch-up on some sleep in addition to the usual seaweed wrap, sun tan and ministrations of a manicurist, pedicurist, facialist and hairdresser. He even got to spend a couple of hours in the hotel’s library without his mobile.
Full of good intentions, the Sybaritic Single ignored the “Sweet Button” on the hotel in-room telephone and enjoyed Fauchon non-alcoholic bubbly on his private terrace. By the end of the weekend, he once again felt thin as a slice of cucumber and brown as the hotel’s wooden doors – it was almost sad to go back to the hectic Dubai and the usual Dom Pérignon.