Luxury Hotels


Exhausted after an overnight flight in La Première, the Sybaritic Single rolls in a gleaming limousine through the lush valleys of Parisian countryside towards the 900-year old Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay.
Built in 1118, the monastery was suppressed in 1791 during the French Revolution with all its 12 priests dispersed. Much of the site subsequently fell into ruin – until recent times.
Its current owners did a great job turning it into a luxury hotel and promoting the abbey as the place to be and be seen. They invited Cordélia de Castellane, the artistic director of Dior Maison who has a burgeoning second career as an interior decorator. Each room is conceived in a singular way, drawing inspiration from the history of the place. Every corner of the estate is highly instagrammable and therefore attracts a very specific and annoying crowd (especially on weekends). One feels like a Disney mouse living there at times.
The Sybaritic Single establishes himself in one of the Particular Rooms on the first floor of the abbey. The high ceilings are great but there is no AC or even a shower curtain. Lack of any sound proof means he can enjoy listening to the forest birds chirping at night with windows open. This is also why the Sybaritic Single develops a nasty cold on the third night.
Dining is where the abbey truly shines: three restaurants serve various types of French cuisine, from casual to gourmet. Caviar is not part of the menu anywhere but the Sybaritic Single manages to source a few tins, courtesy of Maison Revka (just-agreeable quality).
During the day, he partakes in countryside activities, from lake rowing and walking to sipping champagne in the outdoor octagon pool. The on-site shop offers a wide range of branded items, from garments and picnic baskets to candles, all looking terribly familiar to a Dior addict: the Sybaritic Single has reasons to believe the abbey uses the same supplier.
The abbey continues to expand and add more facilities, which means more guests and pesky day visitors. Let’s hope the it will be able to preserve its original historical atmosphere without turning into a luxury theme park.