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Sybaritic Single says read-read-read

“Some people live in the lap of luxury.  Others die in it” – an intriguing quote for any luxury hotel connoisseur.
For the Sybaritic Single, reading is a way of escape. As a child, he read endless books to voyage even further through the immortal texts and great myths. Today, he celebrates hotels and luxury brands that invest in quality literature.
In the late XIX century, the men of letters such as Rudyard Kipling and Joseph Conrad established Raffles’ literary tradition, which continues today. Following in the footsteps of Pico Iyer, the first writer-in-residence of Raffles Singapore, and Leslie Danker, the hotel’s historian, the newest hotel bestseller is The Raffles Affair by the hotel’s current writer-in-residence, Vicki Virtue. A seasoned travel writer from New Zealand invites to follow uncover a murder mystery inspired by Golden Age detective stories – a thrilling whodunnit set at the grand hotel was presented to the public on 26th April 2021.
The Sybaritic Single believes that literature is more than ever important today. Everyone wants to read, but something that is pleasant to read – not just feed on gigabytes of plain information or silly social media captions.
So there he sits, at another Raffles Bar thousands of miles from Singapore, with a book in his hand and the original sling next to him. He thinks of asking the local barman to prepare an Agent Provocateur, a cocktail created at the Writers Bar in Singapore in honour of the book’s main heroine, beautiful former MI6 agent Victoria West – a sophisticated and exquisite mix of Blandy’s Five-Year Bual Madeira, El Dorado 12, Concord Grenadine, lemon and mint. Offering guests a good reason to switch-off their mobile devices is a new form of luxury that many hotels will still have to learn.