Luxury Hotels


Recently in London not once but twice, the Sybaritic Single chooses his hotels solely based on their caviars.
Following in Princess Margaret’s footsteps, he first takes residence at The Ritz. Despite the inadequacies of a ridiculously old-fashioned suite, he adores the place and indulges in its newest “Caviar & Champagne” offering that includes four types of caviar, paired with anything from oysters, steak tartar and chocolate pralines as well the most exquisite bubbles: two Doms (Pérignon 2013 and Ruinart 2010) as well as Krug 2006. £950 a pop, it is definitely appealing to someone who enjoys consuming and indulging – Her Royal Highness would have approved.
A week later at The Savoy, the Sybaritic Single overnights in a marvelous room facing the Thames: why not when in London? A few weeks ago, Petrossian unveiled the most incredible pop-up boutique and cafe to the hotel’s lobby. Replacing Gucci (Guccio Gucci worked as a luggage porter at the hotel when a young man), the space is absolutely sensational and one can never tell it’s a mere pop-up. All sorts of caviar, smoked salmon as well as the widest selection of complementary products – anyone who enjoys caviar as much as the Sybaritic Single would never want to leave.
This is the smartest luxury collaboration ever: let’s face it, nobody is impressed with yet another maison café, co-branded beach club or a capsule pop-up in 2024. Yet it is the first for a gourmet house and well done to the hotel’s culinary team for embracing something others might consider direct competition.
Thankfully, the Sybaritic Single is leaving England through The First Wing at Heathrow with its latest security scanners, which means large tins of caviar (as well as full-size hairsprays) are politely cleared for take-off as carry-on. Oh, what luxury that truly is!