Luxury Hotels


There is a reason why the Sybaritic Single vacations in Monaco in winter: the principality is much more refined during that time of the year. Sadly, during the world-famous yacht show that welcomes more than USD 4 billion worth of yachts and more than 30,000 guests, it is the exact opposite, which turned the Sybaritic Single’s recent visit into quite a hellish experience.
The only smooth part of the trip was the arrival by private jet – whatever followed was quite chaotic. Most luxury hotels were seriously overbooked with their lobbies packed with tourists at any time, while the heavy traffic caused the Sybaritic Single ditch the courtesy limousine and clock close to 20,000 steps each day. His favourite whirlpool at Thermes Marins resembled a human hot pot – the rooftop pool of the Princess Grace suite was certainly a more civilized choice.
On his last morning, the Sybaritic Single skipped Alain Ducasse for the more democratic Le Café de Paris. Morning non-vintage Tattinger was invigorating and aplenty, however Monte-Carlo is notorious for its never-ending construction and this time it put the café’s dated restrooms out of service. The waiters seemed quite embarrassed as they handed EUR 1 tickets to the patrons who were then directed to fight their way into the public restrooms in the basement of the casino. Dozen glasses later in the dimly lit tight corridor, one had to endure a queue of jolly day-visit tourists – certainly, a far cry from anything luxury and hugely irritating.
Otherwise, the Sybaritic Single still enjoyed smooth access to Monaco’s finest venues, which others had to book weeks in advance – the principality always remembers its patrons. As hopping superyacht night parties seemed an ordeal, he opted for more civilized evening jazz at Le Bar Américain and Fauchon caviar – and, in the end, the Sybaritic Single survived.