Luxury Hotels

Sybaritic Single returns to the luxury of marvellous Monte-Carlo

Rub his knee….

The Sybaritic Single’s schedule got seriously messed-up once the year began. The traditional winter visit to Monte-Carlo happened a month earlier and was way too short, only for a few hours. What could the travel connoisseur do in the principality of glamour and glitz within such a short time? Of course, a visit to Hôtel de Paris was a must.

The good news is that Alain Ducasse has finally got an on-site bakery working so that the croissants at ÔMER are weightless and flaky rather than 2019-soggy and all other Viennoiseries are executed to the 2020 perfection.
The Prince Rainier III Suite is also ready and gleaming with 830 square metres of glorious luxury. Sculptures created by Prince Rainier III himself, paintings from his personal collection and original photographs adorn the space. The temperature-controlled rooftop infinity swimming pool, overlooking Place du Casino, is the place to be any day of the year – it is one of the few pools on the planet which offers views of three countries at the same time: Monaco, France and Italy far away in the distance. Indeed, it is worth €40,000 a night.
Before the Sybaritic Single pushed the heavy revolving door to leave the hotel a few hours later, he rubbed the right knee of the bronze horse of Louis XIV standing in the lobby – for a wonderful reason. For over a century, local legend had claimed that rubbing the horse’s knee would bring good luck at the gaming tables. That’s why players leaving the hotel for the casino make sure they always perform this strange ritual. While the Sybaritic Single prefers solid fortunes to risky gambling chances, he nevertheless made sure to rub the knee jolly well for good luck in all other spheres of his oh-so-fabulous life. In his opinion, every luxury hotel should have a lucky charm to make sure its guests have yet another reason to always come back.