Luxury Hotels

Sybaritic Single queries an ethics situation

The Sybaritic Single is appalled that some luxury hotels find it acceptable to screenshot content from private social media accounts of their guests and then have general managers contact guests at odd hours requesting clarifications. Especially, when a hotel takes a jocular social media post out of context and misunderstands the entire situation.

Keeping an eye on guests and their social media discreetly is fine, as long as the accounts are public, but never otherwise. There are many more dignified and appropriate ways of learning guests’ moods, likes and dislikes.

Worst of all is when the hotel fails to accept that it has crossed the line, breached every possible privacy policy and never tries to fix the oh-so-embarrassing confusion.

Thankfully, one such incident happened before the Sybaritic Single arrived at the unnamed hotel in Moscow, so he promptly cancelled his reservation and made alternative arrangements. However, he’d like to remind nosy hotel general managers that even if they quietly keep an eye on their guests’ private social media, they should do so with utmost care: in luxury, discretion is the name of the game.