Luxury Hotels

Sybaritic Single prepares to change his luxury hotels routine, in Paris

The Sybaritic Single is once again planning a day trip to Paris and, what a nuisance, it has to fall on the fourth of July. The day when the capital of the Fifth Republic and all of its luxury hotels will sound more American than the club lounge of Renaissance Dallas. Hopefully, there will be no yak butter served with croissants!

As most of his favourite palace hotels are already either sold out or charge exuberant rates on the occasion of the US Independence Day, the Sybaritic Single decided to follow an unbeaten path and reserved a room at Hôtel Costes on Rue Saint Honoré. Normally, he sleeps at the Ritz, dines at Plaza Athénée spends the evening at Le Meurice before finishing the night at the Costes – one of the best places for a solo traveller to enjoy the enigmatic spirit of Parisian nightlife and meet new people. The marriage of baroque and avant-garde, with fabulously arrogant bartenders who still ensure guests are well looked after, and just arrogant doormen who give less than friendly looks to anyone walking into the hotel around midnight. It seems like their job is to make guests feel uncomfortable – just like the hotel’s unwelcoming lobby, designed by Jacques Garcia.
Since the Sybaritic Single has actually never seen the establishment in daylight, this will be a great chance to finally do so. But will spending 24 hours there be as much fun as a sipping midnight champagne to Stéphane Pompougnac, whose music is so addictive that it is streamed live through the hotel’s website? Ready to challenge a Parisian when it comes to just the right amount of hauteur, the Sybaritic Single holds his breath as he awaits a new luxury hotel revelation.