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Sybaritic Single ponders New Year

New Year high above the clouds

Despite spending most of his time at luxury hotels and airport lounges, the Sybaritic Single prefers the comfort of his own home when it comes to celebrating New Year. Caviar and Champagne, chilled naturally on ice, must be enjoyed at a specific pace.

In the past, he celebrated the arrival of New Year anywhere between Mauritius, New York and Sydney. It happened once that he was chasing midnight onboard an intercontinental flight, enjoying a rare opportunity to raise a flĂ»te of Champagne three times during the same long night – celebrating the same occasion in Singapore, somewhere above Sri Lanka and in Dubai. Was it more memorable than spending the night in some grand ballroom with endless courses, listening to the predictable festive repertoire, side by side with the same expected faces, all dressed in their own interpretations of black tie? Absolutely.
Unlike one of his friends, who religiously returns to Four Seasons George V in Paris to toast the arrival of the New Year – each and every year – the Sybaritic Single takes a few days off to enjoy the luxury of his winter solitude, away from jolly crowds and tacky crackers.
Very soon, his own 2019 will commence with a true luxury hotel extravaganza, taking him to new destinations and unexpected places. Who knows, perhaps he will also find that one luxury hotel that can do truly great New Year celebrations?