Luxury Hotels


The Sybaritic Single never prided himself on having much of a social conscience, except a bit of recycling.
His own home boasts a walk-in closet devoted to the surfeit of gifts: scented candles, bath unguents, crystal glasses and designer note cards too numerous to mention. They are all perfectly lovely gifts but the Sybaritic Single could not hope to get through them in a lifetime of note-writing or candle-lighting. Another thing he hates is excess packaging and always asks Dior to use less of it – they know him well now.
Yet when it comes to travelling he doesn’t pack absolutely everything and expects luxury hotels to provide basic amenities such as a decent dental kit (along with some basic florals in the bathrooms, naturally).
As his flight descends into Seoul, he quickly glances at the Korean Air prestige class amenity kit and leaves it behind knowing that the local Four Seasons is very well stocked with standard amenities. A flawless airport welcome and an hour later the Sybaritic Single is already in his corner suite facing the imperial palace. Even the bathroom boasts a floor to ceiling window opening to Seoul’s prettiest sight.
He reaches for the toothbrush and notices a small note saying that the hotel is now charging for bathroom amenities: toothbrush is $0.70, toothpaste is $1.40 and the shaving kit is a whopping $2.80. The Sybaritic Single is puzzled why these costs couldn’t have been be factored into the $1,600 nightly room rate.
Scandalously, the nearby Lotte Hotel charges more than double: the bamboo toothbrush (not some kind of cheap and disposable tat) is $1.60 and is part of the minibar selection.
Curiously, the sprawling Food Avenue downstairs got every smallest cookie and piece of fruit painstakingly wrapped in tons of plastic, so it’s not that the locals are genuinely concerned about the environment.
The Sybaritic Single can’t help but wonder what might come next. Start charging for toilet paper rolls and encourage guests to use less? Say no to cotton buds?
In luxury, it’s not easy staying ethical, organical and sustainable, and in the Sybaritic Single’s opinion, it’s quite alright to be slightly more careless and wasteful.