Luxury Hotels

Sybaritic Single likes a 24-7 operation, to suit the CUSTOMER

It is not time itself that matters but what you do with it, and there is nothing more precious than the present, according to the Sybaritic Single who enjoys every moment at luxury hotels and finds fixed check-out times outdated and annoying.
In these special times, when many hotels decided to cut costs, there are a few which had the time to review their operations and became ever more thoughtful. The Peninsula decided to take it forward the initiative that was successfully trialed at its hotel in Beverly Hills last year and eventually scrapped check-in and check-out times so guests can come and go as they please – a new brand standard across their entire global portfolio. From January, guests can arrive as early as 6 AM and enjoy their accommodation until as late as 10 PM on the day of their departure, guaranteed for all reservations.
Only very few hotels could ever afford such generous convenience with Ritz Paris being one of them – and that was one of the reasons why the Sybaritic Single takes residence there ever so often. After all, the longer guests stay at the hotel, the longer becomes their bill – a generous yet pragmatic approach which more luxury hotels should consider.