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Sybaritic Single heads for luxury on a Greek island

Always a step ahead, the Sybaritic Single landed on the eerie quiet island of Mykonos, known for its 365 churches and 60 windmills. Arriving by private jet wasn’t as painful compared to taking a busy ferry from Piraeus or a ghastly domestic flight. As he strolled down the whitewashed streets of Chora, stray cats and the island’s living mascot, a large pink pelican, followed him for company.

Restaurants were preparing to re-open with new safety protocols, as were beaches and clubs. With not a single cruise ship on the horizon and only a few glamorous “old money” couples around, it felt like the swinging ‘60s again, reminiscent of the glorious days that made the island so famous.

Extra safety measures were in place at the Belvedere, the Sybaritic Single’s favourite luxury hotel that holds so many secrets (and is one of the few places to enjoy Champagne, even for breakfast, while all bars remain closed). The hotel’s 19th-century original building was once a holiday home of Argentinian painter Pierro Aversa and the location of his legendary parties. The artist did for Mykonos what Empress Eugenie did for Biarritz: he waved his heavily braceleted arm and opened the island’s first gay bar in 1973. His mansion is now hidden away behind a secret door and still feels like a private abode with vintage local accessories, an outdoor terrace and a private pool. Unlike in the previous decades, one doesn’t need to book the Belvedere a year in advance and pay hefty advance: rooms are available on any day this season, with no minimum length of stay required.

Before sunset, the Sybaritic Single paid a visit to the now-two-years-old Nammos Village. His favourite boutique, Dior re-opened two weeks ago and is now fully stocked with the latest Diorivera capsule specially created for the island. Eden Fine Art showcases new pieces and one might hope for a new edition of Monopoly I$land.

Could this be the year for those feeling nostalgic about the “good old days” in the Cyclades? Too young to know how it actually was in the olden days, the Sybaritic Single is happy that the 2020 version of Mykonos is the best ever: chic and crowd-free.